Awa'awa'puhi Hiking Tour Kauai
Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour Kauai

Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour Kauai – 6.4 miles roundtrip (3.2 miles one way) (moderate)

Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour on Kauai is one of the best views of the Napali Coast.

Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour Kauai is a Koke’e trail which has sweeping views and a hike through dense jungles and dry landscapes.  The Awa’awa’puhi hiking tour Kauai will take you on an ultimate journey as you ascend from 4,120 feet elevation in the Kokee State Park to the valley rim of Nualolo and Awa’awa’puhi valleys at 2,500 feet. Hiking the Awa’awa’puhi hiking tour will lead you through the rain forest, high desert like terrain and then to some of the most jaw dropping inspiring vistas on Kauai’s Napali Coast. The Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour is a continual downhill hike from the trail head to the grassy clearing overlooking the valleys of the Napali Coast. The Napali Forest Reserve area is managed as wilderness because of the rich variety of native plant species that thrive here. After the first mile-and-a-half the forest begins to thin out and the rugged Napali coast comes into view as well as glimpses into the Awa’awa’puhi Valley.  Many native Hawaiian plants and different types of wildlife fill the trail with natural beauty.  Plants like “Maile”and “Mokihana” can be found on trail.  In the beginning of the trail there are signs pointing them out and also other native hawaiian plants.  Kokee State park is one of the only places they grow on the island which makes it really special to have.  Kauai is the only place in the world that “Mokihana” grows and as a Kauai local boy i consider it the smell of nature and fresh air.  The Awa’awa’puhi Hiking Tour is one of the best hikes on the island and has some of the best views overlooking the Napali Coast.